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How and Why to Measure Brand Awareness?

Perhaps we do not realize it daily, but we create bonds and relationships not only with friends, acquaintances, or family. It turns out that some are more connected with a product or brand than with any person… How to build brand awareness so that customers get crazy about You? Remember the queues forming under Apple showrooms before the premiere of the new iPhone? How did it come about?

Let us quote John Rampton, considered an online marketing guru: “Once you get a group of customers who really trust your brand, they will be ready to buy whatever you put in front of their noses”. An example – Apple, of course.

But how do you get that trust? By increasing brand awareness. Give the consumer a chance to go crazy about your product or service – after all, no one will trust things they don’t know. The first step will be to find out if consumers are even aware of your brand on the market, and if so to what extent? Use a survey for this purpose – experts from Startquestion have prepared a ready brand awareness survey template that you can adapt to your needs.

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Why Is it Worth Measuring Brand Awareness?

Why would you spend your time and money on conducting another survey … you can do without it, can’t you? Sure. You can also do without a telephone or hot water. But the knowledge about brand awareness in the eyes of customers is simply KEY for a company. Why is that? Let us give you some of the reasons:

  • a survey will help you get to know your customers – their shopping habits, feelings about the brand, emotions, attitude to your product, etc.
  • Identifying brand awareness in the eyes of consumers helps with choosing better promotional strategies – should you focus more on promoting the name itself or getting deeper – e.g. into the product?
  • it makes it possible to examine the degree of customer loyalty to the brand,
  • by conducting a survey, you will find out if your brand is distinguished from the competition. It can be said that a company has a serious problem when the customer cannot distinguish it from other similar products or services,
  • you will gain knowledge about communication channels that will best reach consumers – where to promote the brand: social media, website or maybe in a more traditional way?

How to Create a Good Questionnaire?

Above, we showed you an example of a sample brand awareness survey. However, this is only a suggestion – the more the tool is designed “for you”, the more information you will get and the more useful it will be. Nevertheless, there are some basic rules which you should follow when creating a brand awareness questionnaire:

  1. Make the survey as personal and personalized as possible – respondents are more likely to complete it when they feel it relates to their personal experiences, and it is not one of the hundreds of messages sent to all contacts (even if it is:))
  2. Ask not only about issues strictly related to the brand or product – try to find out as much as possible about the customer – their place of residence, income, etc. You can do this by adding a section with personal information to the survey. The knowledge gained this way will help you get information on your popularity among certain customers, and which you still need to reach.
  3. Don’t overdue it! This is the key rule for all surveys – try to keep the entire survey short and the questions specific. Otherwise, the length alone may discourage the respondent before knowing what you want to ask about.
  4. Choose the right moment to send out the questionnaire – for example, in an email summarizing your purchases or when submitting a new offer.

Using the templates available on the Startquestion platform, you can quickly create brand awareness surveys that you can distribute even to a very large target group. The automatically generated report and the ability to filter the answers will allow you to draw clear conclusions.


Send surveys regularly – annual brand awareness surveys are definitely not enough. Ask consumers after each change introduced – e.g. a new product launch, advertising campaign, change of promotional strategy, etc. You can additionally encourage respondents to fill in the survey – offer a discount for their next purchase or a promotional product.

You can seamlessly combine brand awareness studies with conducting other surveys that will help you get even more information and, as a result, grow your business. With our tools, it is possible, for example, to test the concept of a new product, identify customer needs or help in choosing a name for a new product and service. The options are unlimited! To start with, you can look for inspiration in the examples of questionnaires available in the Startquestion User Guide.

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