Internal communication in the company through online surveys

What should internal communication in a company be like? First of all, fast, smooth and effective. Speed is crucial for controlling the changes being made, fluency has a huge impact on the quality of dialogue and relations between employees, superiors and management, and effectiveness determines whether changes for the better will occur in the team based on the information gathered. You can achieve all these goals in a simple way – using online surveys for employee research. 

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Online surveys can successfully replace meetings or conferences that not only took up valuable time, but generated huge costs? Instead of calling a team meeting and discussing internal matters at it, send a survey to your employees. You will quickly see how much it will improve internal communication, benefiting both the HR department and employees.

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Surveys of internal communication in the organization

Before introducing surveys in an organization, it is a good idea to conduct a communication audit. A quick survey will determine how the dialogue is going among employees or between management and the board. Do they communicate formally, by email? Or, in lower-level staff, do popular instant messengers work better in the flow of information?

Give yourself time for this short survey to find out what needs improvement in your workplace in the area of communication. Now that you’ve gathered data on what approaches to communicating with your team (supervisor) are working in your company (or not working at all), it’s time to take a closer look at online surveys that can improve these processes.

Why are online surveys ideal for internal communication in your company?

A professional online survey tool can significantly improve the quality of communication in any company. Those responsible for conducting surveys and the success of information flow in organizations most often point to the following benefits of using such a solution:

  • Minimal effort – with ready-made templates you can create surveys even in a few minutes
  • Low cost – you can create hundreds of different surveys on one account
  • Access for everyone – all you need is a business email or even a link to the survey 
  • Results in one place – access to results 24/7, bet on knowledge sharing
  • Easy analysis – forget about tedious manual analysis in Excel. Using filters or cross tables, you can conduct it in the user panel
  • Automatic report generation – after all, accessibly provided data is an ideal source of knowledge for management and the board of directors

Using online surveys for internal company communication, you will quickly see the results of your efforts.

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With a quick survey, for example, you can set a date for employee training.

Examples of HR surveys used for internal communication:

We already know the advantages of online surveys, now let’s see how they will work in practice. Here are some examples of the goals you can achieve using online employee surveys:

Exchange of ideas and brainstorming 

The best ideas for business development often come from within an organization. After all, who knows a company and its customers better than its employees? If you don’t have the time or conditions for traditional meetings and brainstorming in a conference room, replace them with online surveys. This is a great way not only to collect opinions, but also to quickly share information within the company. What’s more – you can quickly generate the results of such online consultations and meetings into reports and present them to decision-makers. 

Smooth communication in the team

Exchanging information within a team no longer requires long phone calls, memorizing email addresses, accessing an intranet, or even creating groups on corporate instant messaging. These methods will work perfectly well for everyday, quick communication, but in the case of multi-person projects and when the results of discussions are to be seen immediately, it is better to use an online questionnaire. The questionnaire provides an opportunity to organize the information exchanged and ensures equality among the participants in the discussion. For the organizer of such a process, the speed of creating questionnaires and very easy distribution is also a plus. 

Satisfaction and commitment

Let’s not forget that the primary purpose of online surveys is… simply to survey employees and see if their morale is at a low point. Among the most popular employee surveys are certainly job satisfaction and engagement surveys. They allow HR departments to keep their finger on the pulse of satisfaction in their teams and companies, and based on the results, quickly make changes and eliminate elements that cause dissatisfaction or stress for employees. 

A platform for sharing knowledge and experience

An online survey is a great way not only to test the knowledge of employees gained during a course or training (using knowledge tests), but also to share the experience of HR or management. With online questionnaires, HR can quickly collect questions on issues that are not understood by the team (e.g., website maintenance, new offerings, services provided, health and safety rules) and answer them in an online survey. 

Discovering employee motivation

Sometimes to discover what makes people want to work all you have to do is… ask. Online surveys used for internal communication in the company will allow you to collect the opinion of employees in a direct, yet anonymous way. In just one survey you can find out whether the actions taken by the HR team to motivate employees (e.g., benefits, integrations, trips) are fulfilling their role, or whether it may be worth considering other solutions, such as those seen in the competition. 

Team integration

A successful meeting or team-building trip is one that reflects the interests and preferences of the team. How do you know if your employees prefer a spa weekend, a no-stick drive in the state of Nevada, or a mountain hike in the Bieszczady Mountains? Ask them! An online survey will allow you to quickly take away the opinions of the entire team, dispel management’s doubts and make a decision in line with the will of the majority. Using the advanced options of Webankieta, you can decide, for example, that each employee can vote on the idea of a trip only once, or that the results will be displayed on the respondent’s screen immediately after the survey.

Visible results of HR’s work

A good online survey tool allows you to automatically generate survey reports, so you can share survey results not only with your employees, but also with your superiors. This way, any decision made by HR or human resources will be backed up by the team’s statements. The reports are accompanied by aesthetically pleasing charts, and their content can be freely edited, so they will be perfect for inclusion in a presentation summarizing the work of the HR team, or as a business card in the company’s external communications.

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The web survey allows not only to collect information, but also to analyze the data.

Ready-made survey templates for internal communication in companies

Every professional survey serves something. In internal communication, it can be aimed at investigating cooperation and dependence in the team, relations with superiors, sense of fulfillment and self-fulfillment, fringe benefits, salary, development opportunities or working conditions. Below you will find links to ready-made survey templates that you can use in communicating with your employees.

Use an internal communication system to motivate your employees!

Creating an effective survey – the basics

In this free ebook, we’ll explain step-by-step how to create a survey in the form of a survey and the benefits of collecting opinions through surveys.

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Internal communication in the company – key findings:

When betting on internal communication in the organization, don’t forget to change procedures based on feedback.

Regardless of what the survey is about – whether it’s serious matters such as job satisfaction or less significant – coffee evaluation, it’s important that you do something concrete with the vote you receive. Find time to analyze the results and draw conclusions based on them. Creating cross-tabulations and LIVE reports, among other things, will help you with quick analysis and easy access to the results. 

And one more thing – don’t forget to let employees know that their opinion has been taken into account, and specific changes have been made based on the feedback. Believe it, everyone in the company – regardless of position – wants to feel important and for their voice to be heard.

What do internal communication surveys bring to an organization?

  • Speed of operation
  • Smoothness of information exchange
  • Transparency of processes and results
  • Easy analysis and automatic generation of reports
  • Minimal effort on the part of HR
  • Tailoring to the needs of the company and the employee
  • Easy sharing of results and knowledge

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