Online Survey and Online Questionnaire – Differences and Similarities

Intuitively, each of us knows what a online questionnaire or survey means. We usually understand these concepts as research tools, and indeed – this is their essential meaning. However, there is a difference between the first and the other, mainly due to the way in which questions are asked.

Online questionnaire and survey – are they the same?

Research tool development specialists distinguish two types of questionnaires:

  • survey questionnaire, i.e. forms with questions addressed to respondents asking for a response, which can be carried out using various techniques, e.g. CAWI, CATI. The vast majority of online surveys fall into this category,
  • interview questionnaire, in which questions are asked to respondents based on a specially prepared diagram. The interviewer collects answers. The questions, their sequence or appearance are planned in advance. This form requires the involvement of more people and is usually associated with higher costs.

Regardless of the choice of the questionnaire in the form of a survey or interview, a few basic issues should be taken into account before conducting it, such as:

  • the purpose and topic of the research and the formulation of research hypotheses,
  • determination of the group of respondents (size, criteria for selecting a research sample, etc.),
  • creating an introduction to the survey (research topic, completing instructions, etc.)
  • preparing questions and particulars.

In order for the questionnaire to bring the intended results and to obtain answers to specific questions, it must be designed in a correct way. Refer to our blog to read an article on how to avoid mistakes when creating online surveys.

Urszula Kamburov-Niepewna
Ula eng