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$49 / month

One-off 490 USD (2 months free)

Free trial

For small organizations.

  • 50+ survey templates

    Start from a template and adjust it to your needs. We have plenty of templates for customer, employee, usability, marketing and general surveys.

  • Intuitive interface

    Easy to start and easy to master. Ease of use and usability are the most highlighted advantages of Startquestion, by our users.

  • All question types

    Choose from any type of question you want: multiple choice questions, dropdown lists, matrix, open-ended, form, rating, NPS, slider, drag n drop, ranking, points allocation, email, number, date, attachments upload.

  • Personalized branding

    Add your company logo, personalize survey colors and background image to match your brand identity.

  • Advanced question logic

    Ask only relevant questions to get highest response rate. Question logic allows you to show or hide questions based on previous answers and/or respondent attributes.

  • Survey email campaigns

    Send surveys to your email list with our advanced mailing module. Track who responded, set auto reminders, assign respondent attributes to segment responses better.

  • Website popup surveys

    Ask users in context, when they browse your website or product/app. Target surveys based on precise criteria and launch without IT involvement.

  • Excel and SPSS export

    Export raw data and reports for further analysis in xlsx and SPSS formats.

  • Cross tables

    Compare results from one question (or attribute) with another question to get deeper insights about answers distribution.

  • Email support

    Our team is there to help you via email Mon. – Fri. from 9 to 5 CET.

  • GDPR compliance

    Data security is our priority. We are 100% compliant with GDPR, and trusted by banks, healthcare and government projects.

1000 survey completions

Optymalny wybór


$99 / month

One-off 990 USD (2 months free)

Free trial

For CX, HR, UX and market research professionals.

  • All START features

    Contains all features from START plan

  • Word, PowerPoint, PDF reports

    Export one-click reports to pptx, docx and pdf. You don't need to waste hours to get data manually from one software to another.

  • Personalized reports

    Decide what types of data you want in your reports. Create branded custom reports with aggregated results, trends, rankings, cross tables and export them to most popular formats.

  • Trends charts

    Observe how your metrics like NPS or satisfaction score change over time: daily, weekly, monthly. Identify trends and act on them.

  • Rankings

    Rank answers based on the calculated scores. See what performs best and which areas you need to invest in.

  • Executive dashboards

    Group most important metrics in one dashboard and share it with your team or executives. Everyone can monitor results in real time.

  • Employee evaluations

    Perform employee evaluations and automatically calculate scores in most important areas of development. Create question groups and assign points to right answers.

  • Knowledge tests

    Add points to answers and calculate final scores. Display personalized thank you screen with score interpretation and recommendations.

  • Company sender email address

    Send surveys from your company e-mail address, to make sure respondents know it's coming from your company.

  • E-mail alerts

    Configure automatic email alerts for every answer or one matching your criteria. Send to whoever is responsible for specific area, so they can act fast on the feedback.

  • Slack alerts

    Configure automatic Slack alerts for every answer or one matching your criteria. Select channels to promote customer or employee feedback within your company.

  • Chat support

    Our team is there to help you via in-product chat Mon. – Fri. from 9 to 5 CET.

5000 survey completions


$199 / month

One-off 1990 USD (2 months free)

Free Trial

For teams and VoC programs.

  • All BUSINESS features

    Contains all features from BUSINESS plan

  • Accounts for 3 users

    Contains accounts for 3 users

  • Survey content collaboration

    Users can collaborate on one survey created by another users, change questions and settings, share links and start or finish the survey.

  • Results collaboration

    Users can collaborate on survey results by creating segments, running own analysis, downloading results and personalized reports.

  • Access level management

    Users can decide how to share their survey to other user accounts: whether is full access, read only access or it's private – not available to other users in this account.

  • Scheduled email reports

    Schedule daily, weekly or monthly survey results update sent to your inbox or your teammates. Setup different reports for different recipients, so they only get relevant data.

  • Company domain for surveys

    Place surveys in your company website subdomain like in order to better identify your research with your company.

  • API access

    Build your own integrations based on API access. Get results, send invitations, add respondents and many more.

  • Webhooks

    Send all new responses or only some (matching your filters), automatically to your app using webhooks.

  • Integrations

    Integrate via Zapier with thousands of 3rd party apps or natively with Google Analytics, Freshmail, Salesmanago and more.

  • Answers tagging

    Add tags to customer answers (verbatims) to identify area which customer or employee is mentioning. Track changes over time, use tags in reporting or cross tables to see correlations.

  • Sentiment analysis

    Assign positive or negative sentiment to customer answers (verbatims) and track how sentiment with different areas of your offer changes over time.

  • Phone support

    Our team is there to help you via phone Mon. – Fri. from 9 to 5 CET.

10 000 survey completions


Contact us

Contact Us

Dedicated enterprise solutions

  • All TEAM features

    Contains all features from TEAM plan

  • Whitelabel

    Make your surveys look like yours and hide Startquestion branding in footer.

  • Extra response packages

    Increase number of responses and invitations available in your plan and run large scale research with ease.

  • Extra user accounts

    Increase number of users, that can utilize Startquestion in your organization.

  • Read-only users

    Add extra users, with limited permissions, that can only analyze results, without option to run their own surveys.

  • Enterprise-class security

    Our platform is regularly audited for potential security exploits, we run data backups daily and have data officer in place to help you with the GDPR paperwork.

  • Secure password policy

    Setup more secure password policy for users of your plan, like password change every 30 days, special characters and length of password.

  • Limited access per IP

    Limit access to your account via panel or API, only to selected IP or pool of IP addresses.

  • SSL certificate for your domain

    Install SSL certificate for your custom company survey domain, so respondents can share their personal data.

  • Custom contract

    This plan allows signing custom contract and/or changes to Startquestion standard contract template.

  • Custom DPA

    This plan allows changes to Startquestion standard data processing agreement.

  • Custom invoicing

    This plan allows custom invoicing process.

  • Custom SLA

    This plan allows changes to Startquestion standard service level agreement.

  • Concierge services

    If you're short on time or skills, we can put your questionnaire into the platform, coordinate research or create custom solutions.

10 000+ survey completions

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  • Can I extend the validity of my account by myself?

    Yes. All you need to do is go to Account, then click on Settings and then click on Pay.

  • How can I perform a payment?

    Our payment operator is Stripe, thanks to which you can pay conveniently by card. Additionally, you can generate an invoice (also pro-forma) for accounting. If none of the above options suits you, you can also order a bank transfer invoice with deferred payment.

  • How long is the free trial period and what will it allow me to do?

    The trial period lasts 14 days. During it, you can try out all the basic functions of the system – you can create any number of surveys in which you can collect a total of 20 results. Remember that starting the trial period does not oblige you to pay for the service – you can freely try the platform’s capabilities, without worrying about the cost being charged.

  • What will happen with my account when I won’t pay for the service?

    Your account will be frozen until you decide to pay. The surveys you created will automatically stop being active. Survey results will be deleted after 30 days for security reasons.

  • The options I want to use require a contact with you consultant. How much do I have to wait?

    As soon as you leave us your phone number and email address, the data will be sent to our consultant. We will try to call you back immediately, but if you leave your contact details outside of office hours, expect the phone at the latest on the next business day.

  • Can I change my account type or number of responses later?

    Can I change my account type or number of responses later?

  • What data security measures do you use in surveys?

    We regularly outsource security audits to specialized companies. Logging in to the website is encrypted and the collected data is securely stored on certified servers. The databases are registered with the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection (GIODO), meet all legal standards (including GDPR) and are processed only for the purposes necessary for the proper performance of the service – they are never transferred to other entities.

Happy to help 👋

Support is available Mon-Fri from 9 AM to 5 PM CET.