Collect, analyze, and report candidates’ feedback in one place

Candidate Experience research affects much more than just the quality of recruitment. Use the candidate survey results to build a positive brand image and improve the Employee Experience.

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Take control over the quality of your recruitments
Discover the benefits of Candidate Experience surveys

The full picture of recruiting

Monitor the recruitment process and determine if anything went wrong and why. Keep in mind all the elements that affect the candidate's experience.

Employer Branding

Listen to what those who want to work for you have to say. Make yourself known as a company open to the candidate's needs, and do not let negative recruitment experiences destroy the perception of your brand.

Lower costs of acquiring an employee

Getting valuable employees is much more expensive than keeping them. Improve the quality of recruitment – do not waste time and money on doomed-to-failure processes.

Developing the perfect process

Thanks to the possibility of grouping responses by location, recruitment, recruiter or department, you can compare individual results and teach recruiters the best practices.

What our customers are saying

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After receiving recommendations, we tried Webankieta, which proved to be an easy and flexible tool to use. We appreciate the professionalism and quick response of the support department, as well as their patience. Webankieta is useful in many contexts and more and more people and entire departments are actively using it.

Krzysztof Gabruk

Customer Experience Chapter Leader at Santander Bank Polska

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Startquestion features useful for Candidate Experience:

One-click distribution &
Automatic reminder

Integration with ATS allows for automatic sending of the questionnaire after completing a specific stage of recruitment. You don’t even have to prepare the survey content – you get a ready-made, expert template with the possibility of editing.

Reminders to complete the survey will also send themselves and only to those who did not participate. Thanks to this, you will effortlessly increase the higher response rate.

E-mail alert about each negative result

Always be up to date – thanks to alerts you will immediately find out about any disturbing incident, quickly fix errors and prevent candidates’ resignation in the future. You don’t even have to log into Startquestions or search for a detractor among hundreds of completions – notifications are automatically sent to your e-mail.

Easily work together on one project

Only one person is rarely responsible for the entire recruitment process. In Startquestion, you can easily share the project or create read-only accounts that will give other interested people from the company insight into the project.

Advanced analytical module
(trends, rankings, filters and more)

With just a few clicks in the panel, you can see at a glance the relationships between the characteristics of the candidates, the course of the recruitment process and its evaluation. In minutes you can filter the results, view trends and even create clear recruitment rankings. No specialist knowledge or manual analysis in Excel is needed.

Automatically generated reports:
LIVE results or recurring PDF

You can always have the current results at hand. Feedback from candidates with clear data presentations can be sent to the HR department or the management board through live reports and dashboards.

Reports can also be cyclically sent to selected people or teams. All you have to do is decide how often you want the recurring report to occur.

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