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Up to 80% of customers leave the company due to the poor quality of the Customer Support Team. Measure the level of satisfaction with your customer service (Customer Effort Score) to ensure the highest standards of work of the Customer Service Office.

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Discover the benefits of the Customer Effort Score (CES):

Identifying weak points

Recognize the worst-rated customer service channels – chat communication, phone call, or maybe waiting too long for an e-mail response? Find out what influences the negative assessment of consultants and eliminate weak points.

Recognizing your best people

The CES survey lets you better understand your employees' strengths and weaknesses. Get feedback on the work of specific consultants and use this knowledge when organizing training and creating rankings of the best employees.

Understanding customer needs

By constantly analyzing the customer's effort in contact with the Customer Service Center, you will look at your products or services through the eyes of the user. Thanks to this, you will better understand customers' needs and quickly identify previously unnoticed difficulties.

Improving contact with the Customer Service

Research contacts with Customer Service to increase customer satisfaction, shorten the average time and improve the quality of problem-solving. A professionally and quickly acting Customer Support team saves time and thus money spent on customer service.

What our customers are saying

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After receiving recommendations, we tried Webankieta, which proved to be an easy and flexible tool to use. We appreciate the professionalism and quick response of the support department, as well as their patience. Webankieta is useful in many contexts and more and more people and entire departments are actively using it.

Krzysztof Gabruk

Customer Experience Chapter Leader at Santander Bank Polska

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Startquestion features useful in conducting Customer Service Survey

Convenient survey dispatch

Send surveys with the comfort of your clients in mind. Distribution via e-mail, QR code, research link in your domain or using your CRM? Do your best to provide your customers with the best possible experience and to provide yourself with a high response rate.

Custom design

Prepare an intuitive and pleasant survey. Remember the rules for displaying questions that allow the respondents to navigate logically through the questionnaire. Adjust the graphic design to the brand’s colour scheme (custom CSS).

Integration with other tools

Automating survey sending and integrating Startquestion with other tools will save you time and improve feedback collection. Connect our platform with Thulium, Salesforce, Zapier SMS or any other customer service tool and make your task easier.

Alerts & Writing back with a solved problem

Time in customer service matters. Set an alert to inform you of critical user feedback so that the service can respond quickly. React when you receive a negative evaluation of Customer Support’s work.

Thanks to the possibility of identifying the respondent, you can find out which customer reported the problem and contact them to inform them about the solution to the problematic situation.

Live results and automatic reporting

Share the results of your customer service research on an ongoing basis. With one click, you can generate a report that is convenient for you (PDF, raw data, PPT) and periodically or on an ad hoc basis to share research results with interested people. All you need to do is send a link to the LIVE report so that anyone interested can see the current results.

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