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Information flow in your company is not as it should be? Use internal communication surveys – make it easier for employees to make decisions and strengthen their commitment.

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Szybkiego podejmowania decyzji

Organizing an integration, choosing benefits or arranging a company meeting is tiring and time-consuming? With surveys, you will gather the necessary information in a few minutes and be sure that important messages will reach everyone in a timely manner.

Mądrego zarządzania budżetem HR

Budgets for employee events and training are always limited. Make decisions based on employee feedback and be sure to make the best use of available funds.

Sprawiedliwego zbierania głosów

Instead of assuring employees that their opinions matter, give them a tool to share their opinions. Conduct company contests, votes and elections in which everyone can participate on an equal basis.

Wysłuchiwania wrażliwych opinii

There is no better way to detect disturbing behavior (e.g. discrimination, bullying) than an anonymous survey. Give your employees the opportunity to speak candidly, without fear of consequences.

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Wgląd, który zachęca do wypełniania

You can use a ready-made skin and prepare a survey on our template in minutes, or let your imagination run wild and create your own unique design that will attract attention and encourage completion. It is a good practice to create internal communication surveys in the colors and with the company logo.

Wysyłka tak, jak Ci najwygodniej

You can send surveys to your employees’ e-mail from our or your own server, confident that they will not go to SPAM. And that’s not the only way to send surveys. You can share them via link, QR code, or even post them on your website – in a word, where employees have the best access to them.

Informacje bez czekania i przypominania

Forget about manually sending emails, going around and reminding you about the survey, voting or contest. We know that your time is valuable, that’s why in Webankieta you set up the mailing once, and reminders are sent by themselves and only to those who have not completed it. You haveall theresults in one place, so you can start the analysis as soon as the survey is completed.

Jeden formularz zamiast wielu obowiązków

Use internal communication surveys as an enrollment form for anything you happen to need. Enrollment for language courses, team-building trips, training or benefits – you’ll organize it all with a simple survey, gather the results in one place and finally find time for more important tasks or relaxation.

Proste ustawienia na skomplikowane zadania

Do you have only 10 tickets to give away for the whole company? Are you holding a contest on a first-come, first-served basis? Your problems will be solved by fulfillment limits and quotas. Do you want to offer a reward after completing the survey? You can leave a feedback on the thank-you wknd.

Our features offer asimple solution even for complicated tasks, and our support department willbe happy to help you select and set them up.

Automatyczne raporty & Team Work

Reports generate automatically – forget the hours spent in Excel. If you need access to live results, just generate link. For regular surveys, we recommend periodically sending the report in the format of your choice – PDF, DOC, etc.

HR departments are made up of people and work for people, so projects usually involve many people. Webankieta makes it possible to work together on a survey by, among other things, creating read-only or shared accounts .

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