Survey templates for Education

Apply surveys in researchers to the diploma thesis or enter surveys for parents, students and teachers in the educational institution.

Apply surveys in research to graduate theses or introduce questionnaires for parents, students, and teachers in an educational institution. Check out the free online survey templates below and start creating a survey in minutes.

School Survey and Other Online Research Applications in Education

Online questionnaires will allow you to collect invaluable feedback both for research purposes (for bachelor’s thesis, thesis, doctorate and other scientific purposes), as well as to learn the opinions of parents, students, and teachers on safety at school, the attitudes of the teaching staff, the offer of extracurricular activities, special needs of children or verification of learning progress.

Choose an Education Survey Tailored to Your Needs

A survey for research work can have different uses. Collecting information from the selected target group helps students write their master’s or license theses and is also an effective tool in the hands of doctoral students, teachers, and researchers.

The nature of the questions asked usually depends on the purpose of the research. Open-ended questions will help collect qualitative data (e.g. in-depth individual interviews). In contrast, closed-ended questions will allow for creating a metric and collecting demographic data (e.g. place of residence, household size) from the respondents.

The research applied in education is not limited to master’s theses and other scientific applications. Online surveys work just as well for teaching. School management can use online questionnaires, among others, for:

  • Anonymous research on safety and aggression at school
  • Evaluation of the teacher’s work in students’ eyes
  • Learning about parents’ expectations towards the institution’s offer or about the fate of school graduates. 

Completing the questionnaire by the teacher will also bring valuable feedback on the student’s progress or their attitudes toward the teaching staff.

With our ready-made templates, you can start simple research and more complex surveys for your master’s thesis today. Choose the proper questionnaire, define your target audience and collect the information necessary to develop your facility or research career.


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