Website surveys and popup widgets

Whether you want to land new clients, book consultations or get feedback on your website —we’ve got a template for you.

Getting to know your users better, changing the website, increasing conversions, and creating the perfect e-commerce offer. Online user research can bring many benefits to your organization. Check out the free online survey templates below and start creating a survey in our simple survey software.

Examples of User Experience Surveys

Professional customer satisfaction surveys and carefully selected questions will help you:

  • Understand what current and potential users think about the products, services, software you create or the website
  • Find a solution to the puzzle that prevents the customer from completing the purchase
  • Compare your offer with the competition’s
  • Learn the causes of churn, i.e. the outflow of customers and users

Choose a User Experience Survey Tailored to Your Needs

You can measure user satisfaction at all points of contact with the organization. The Customer Effort Score (CES) survey will answer how customer support works in your company and how much effort users need to deal with the matter that is important to them. A study for leaving the site allows you to examine the reasons for the resignation of potential customers and the expectations of those present.

If you are considering introducing changes or a new product to the market, ask your users for their opinion in advance. The Product / Market Fit survey will answer how customers evaluate the proposed changes and what they lack in your company’s offer. The real-time question of what’s stopping your customers from placing their orders will provide the feedback you need to improve your customer experience.

The customer satisfaction survey will allow you to measure the level of satisfaction with a service or product on an ongoing basis, and the cyclical NPS survey will tell you how likely users will recommend a product/service to their friends. Online user research is also a great tool to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of the competition, as well as why customers choose other suppliers.

You can also conduct market research with online surveys. Discover the target group of your customers, verify new ideas, and check how you present yourself against the competition to create the best product or provide the highest quality service that exceeds the expectations of your current and potential customers.


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