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Candidate Experience Survey

Find out about the benefits that your research can bring to your company in the recruitment process.

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More information, more possibilities

The recruitment process is a chance for the company not only to expand the team with valuable employees. This is an excellent opportunity to get the information you need to create a positive image. The standard is already conducting customer and employee satisfaction surveys. However, it is worth further using the recruitment process to obtain additional information.

Candidate Experience research is a simple tool that allows you not only to learn about the progress of the recruitment process. Thanks to their results, the company will learn how to attract the most qualified candidates, how to improve its course and which of the individual stages are evaluated negatively or positively.

Who to invite to complete the survey?

The answer is simple – candidates applying for employment in our company. To be reliable, it should be directed to all employed and rejected at various stages of recruitment.

The more people surveyed, the better – an effective way to get results from many respondents is to attach a link to the feedback survey with the recruitment results.

When to conduct the survey?

The timing of the Candidate’s Experience is critical. It should be considered that the answers given before knowledge of the recruitment results may not be candid.

As the best moment is assessed, the time after a few days from the respondent familiarizing with the recruitment results. The opinion is then more balanced, devoid of emotions resulting from rejection or acceptance into the position.

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After receiving recommendations, we tried Webankieta, which proved to be an easy and flexible tool to use. We appreciate the professionalism and quick response of the support department, as well as their patience. Webankieta is useful in many contexts and more and more people and entire departments are actively using it.


Krzysztof Gabruk

Customer Experience Chapter Leader at Santander Bank Polska

Startquestion allowed us to guarantee the anonymity of the survey to our employees. The ability to automatically send reminders to complete the study helped us collect the results – without them, we would certainly not have achieved such a high response rate.


Sebastian Srebnicki

Project Manager at Innogy

The key to the Voice of Customer project’s success is integrating the client’s internal systems with the online research software. The first experience with the system was so encouraging that Medicover Poland decided to transfer all the conducted research to the Startquestion platform.


Beata Dąbrowska

Coordinator of Market Research and Analysis at Medicover Poland